3 Top Recommendations For Your Next Bike Purchase (With Photos) 2021

I can tell my bike brain is back.

What am I doing in the early morning hours before everyone else wakes up? Writing blog posts and researching my next bike purchase.

As usual, I have three candidates:

Sexy: a vintage mixte

Friends are always telling me that technology has improved so much that I don’t want to waste time fiddling around with an old bike when I can have a nice new one, but I can’t help myself. I love the lines, affordability ($100 – $400-ish), and simplicity of mixtes. They say “enjoy” rather than “perform.”

There’s a Peugeot on eBay right now that would be a great candidate. From the little bit of research I’ve been able to do, it seems like it’s not a high-end bike, but it already has upright handlebars, fenders, and a bike rack, which would save me a lot of time and expense. It’s not dirt cheap, but it’s not unreasonable. Husband says it would be a great place to start learning about mixtes, so I should just get it already.

Practical: Xtracycle FreeRadical

While my heart says “mixte,” my head wants this cargo hauler. Having its carrying capacity would allow me to run errands, carry gear while I’m biking with the dudes, and even carry them and a bike with a flat home if I had to. Been in that position before, and it ain’t fun.

The setup I want would run me about $600 and I could use my Jamis as the donor bike. I’d just need to add upright handlebars and get a big tuneup.

Fantasy: Sweetpea A-Line

If I had to have one bike, this would be it. No, I haven’t ridden one, seen one, or even touched one, but I love it. The A-Line is a show-stopper that also delivers on performance and comfort. And it’s hand-built by the smart and very cool Natalie Ramsland.

Interesting that even though I would love to sing a rock opera aria to this bike, I really don’t have much to say about it. It’s just right. The $3,000 price tag doesn’t even make me flinch, because I know what I’m getting for my money: a bike that fits me perfectly and will offer me years of pure pleasure.

Oh, which to choose?

The short answer, for the short term is none of the above. We’re lucky enough to have a buyer for our house in Bozeman, but we’re taking a very painful financial hit on selling it. I’m not asking for sympathy here, since many people have it worse than we do in this economy, but it’s gonna take a year or two to recover from the loss. In the meantime, there are a lot of places where our money could go in order for the whole family to benefit.

But I’m an optimistic girl. So many good things have happened during our move from Bozeman that I can’t feel sorry for myself for long. I’ll keep my head up and my eyes open. I’m sure that something wonderful will come my way when I need it.

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