Top 4 New Year Resolution Ideas in 2022 As A Biker

It’s almost the end of January — the month you started with high change-your-life hopes. How’s that going?

Hopefully, you’ve taken a different path this year. One that honors your real-life and gives you permission to add in more of what makes your life sparkle. Or did you really want another year of grinding away at the parts you didn’t like?

If you’re still working off the “eat more wheat germ” list, it’s never too late to change up. I’m still refining what I want more of in 2022 as I try a few different ideas, see how they work, and adjust.

New Year Resolution

On my list:

  • Drinking tea every morning. Coffee makes me too jittery, but green or white tea gives me just the right oomph, and oooohhh, the aroma. Much more beguiling than water, and I’m still getting hydrated.
  • Writing thank-you notes to the peeps I love. A dear friend sent me this article about attorney John Kralik who decided to write one thank-you note a day for a year during a tough time in his life. I’m not keeping score, but I am sending little love notes out every week, and I’m surprised at how much I love this practice of telling people that I treasure their lives.
  • Funny movies. Hot Husband and I are hauling booty on some projects at home, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. I’m trying to watch films that make me laugh so I can get out of my head for a bit. Would love to hear your recommendations!
  • Getting outside. I live in Big Sky country, which means I can see mountains and trees from my window. I can get so focused on what needs to be done in the house that I forget to enjoy the glittering snow, the smell of the air, and the light changing on the slopes. It matters.

 So go for the happies. And let me know what’s on your list!

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