To Workout Beginners in 2022: New Numbers Fitness – 10 Minute Momentum Strategy

I had great plans to post at least twice this week, getting you amped up to start the New Numbers way and then . . . computer problems. Non-stop schedule. How convenient.

Life is full of these little surprises. But I’m here now, and ready to lay it all out for you.

All of what? A habit. A routine. A pattern that serves you. In the following 12 weeks, we’re going to start from wherever you are, fitness-wise, and get you in the groove of walking, running, yoga-ing, biking or whatever makes your heart sing. (If you’re starting late, just jump in. No demerits.)

Conventional wisdom says that it takes three to four weeks to establish a new habit, so that’s our ticket. But we’re not boarding the express train.

For the first four weeks, we’re going to complete the luxuriously manageable two-part 10-Minute Momentum:

  • two 10-minute cardio workouts 
  • one strength/core body workout

That’s it.

I can hear the screams of disbelief already. “But I’m not going to get in shape just doing 10 minutes a day! Impossible!”

Perceptive. The point this month is to get you moving without needing a huge time commitment or leaving you exhausted. I want you to see what an amazing boost you get from a small action.

If I recommended 30 minutes, many folks would beg off, claiming they couldn’t possibly find the time. Funny thing is that once you give yourself permission to take just 10 minutes, it’s easy to have the momentum carry you through to 20 or 30 minutes.

But I’m honestly and truly giving you a pass to log in 10 minutes and consider it a full workout. Ten minutes truly is good enough, and if you can lock that into your belief system, those 10 little minutes can boost your well-being through times of stress and temptation.

And isn’t 10 minutes more than you’re probably doing right now?

I know we’ve all heard the advice that it takes at least 25-30 minutes of exercise at least three times a week to achieve measurable health benefits. I’m not about to say I know better than the experts. I just know that 10 minutes is all I’ve needed to pull out of a bad mood, recharge and get my head on straight again.

We all like to see results, even if we’re only putting in a few minutes a day, so I’d recommend trying intervals for those 10 minutes. Athletes in training use heart rate monitors and interval timers to dial in their performance, but you don’t need the fancy equipment. Just step up the pace so talking is slightly difficult for a minute or two, then slow down for a minute or two. Repeat until your 10 minutes is up.

Five Minute Workout

For your 5-minute core workout, you can do crunches, planks, squats, or any combination. Five minutes of this stuff is powerful.

10-Minute Momentum is elegant. Simple. Totally doable.

So get out there and so something — anything — for 10 minutes. Make it fun!

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