Stylish And Innovative Cycling Helmets Suitable For All In 2022 (With Photos)

Nutcase Helmet

Is a decent bike helmet too much to ask for? I’m a 40-year-old mother of three boys. I don’t need to look like a streetwise skateboarding hipster or an aerodynamic time trial wonder. Cranial protection with a little style thrown in would be perfect.

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Best Nutcase, Street Helmet

Great bike helmet – Nutcase helmet was purchased for MIPS & multifunction use, biking, unicycle, and roller blading. Perfect on your skull, its comfortable and adjustable.

Enter Nutcase helmets. They appear to be practical with flair plus a sense of humor. Your skull can look like a watermelon, an 8-ball, a crash test dummy’s or have a cool retro design. I don’t know how kids would NOT beg for these. Reviews say they’re comfortable,  good for summer or winter use, and the price (about $50) isn’t bad.

I’m saving my pennies so I can put one of these on my noggin this summer. Hey–you won’t miss me in a crowd!

Hövding Helmet

Spot the helmet? It’s there. Photo from Hövding.

Holy smokes!

Check out the helmet alternative from Hövding that designers Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin spent six years developing so chic cyclists wouldn’t have to choose between safety and beautiful hair. Definitely goes beyond the usual design parameters, including a black box that records ten seconds of information in case of an accident. Don’t miss the crash test video at the end.

There’s always a price for fashion, however. This technology will set you back a cool $446, but it’s not yet available.

Can’t wait to hear what the anti-helmet faction thinks of this innovation.

Thanks to Amusing Planet for the story.

Beret Helmet

I’m all for stylish riding. Here’s one person’s attempt at a more fashion-forward helmet design. No plans for full-scale production. I wonder if people would actually go for this?

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