Story From A Female Biker: Got Both Wheels On By Myself – Small Victory As A Wife

The kids and I were back in Bozeman last week, luxuriating in the familiar. They had a riot reconnecting with friends at a homeschool theater camp while I basked in the glow of being known by amazing people. There were warm embraces, expansive conversations, and loads of laughter. And I loved seeing how the car just knew where to go.

In the midst of all of these beautiful moments, I got the chance to take a quick bike ride. The kicker was that I had to get both wheels on by myself. My husband is usually there to bail me out of these situations. In fact, he’s the one who made it possible for me to haul my bike in the first place by packing it carefully by removing both quick-release wheels. The only kicker is that he was back in Kalispell, working.

A time-lapse video of my wrestling event with the bike would have been both hilarious and pathetic, so I’ll spare you the details and say that I did it. I knew it had to fit together, and it did, eventually and magically, just at the moment when I was thinking of giving up.

A few minutes later, I was cruising down the street, off for a surprise visit to a friend’s house, where I was welcomed with a cup of tea and a rich discussion.

I always find such instances empowering.

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