Squeeze Time To Enjoy A 30-Minute Bike Ride 2021 | Cycling During COVID 19 Pandemic

Since my husband put the studded snow tires on my bike, I spend part of every day trying to figure out how to squeeze in a ride. All I’m asking for is 20-30 minutes. Is that so wrong?

I couldn’t get out to ride yesterday at all, and it just about killed me. The weather was clear and sunny, so it would have been glorious. But we were in turbo-cleaning mode, getting ready for family to visit. If I just kept the house cleaner, then I could ride more. Hmmm . . . I may have finally found the inspiration I’ve been looking for to focus on regular cleaning . . .

Enjoy Your Bike Ride

I popped out of bed around 6 a.m. and decided to make a break for the gym before everyone in the house woke up and needed a hug, breakfast, or just my undivided attention. Finding the time to work out has been a challenge ever since my oldest was born almost 12 years ago, but I’m slowly making it work. I got a good 35-minute interval workout done on the elliptical trainer, and decided to pass on an upper-arm weight circuit. I did have guests, after all! Imagine my surprise when I got back to the house around 7:30 and all was dark and quiet. Oh, well.

After breakfast was done and dishes cleared, my husband gave me leave to go shopping for the wool base layer I’ve been pining for lately. Homeschooling 3 boys don’t really give me a whole lotta time to shop, so this was a huge gift. Did I grab the keys and run for the stores? Nope. Grabbed my helmet and the bike instead.

The day was sunny, the wind manageable, the roads mostly cleared, and I NEEDED to get out and push. My quads were definitely tired from the workout a mere 4 hours before, but never mind. I had the road and my bike for a glorious 30 minutes. (Roughly 6 miles.) Lotsa hills made it a challenge, to be sure, and I’m finding there’s not much “whee!” factor when I’m watching the road so closely for ice, but the joy of being out in fresh air, rolling along makes it so worthwhile.

Can I get an amen?

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