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Inspiring Story

Bicycling Magazine published a great story about a guy who was given a few months to live by his doctors, due to his extreme obesity, and how he biked his way to health. It’s a wonderful piece on procrastination, the joy of cycling, and a regular person bringing cycling into their everyday life. Perfect for this month of resolution-keeping.

This Could Happen To You

I have friends who love bikes. This is a shot of their basement, where they have eight bikes stored. Another two are in a shed outside, plus the tandem. That’s 11 bikes for three people. I’m not kidding.

It makes me feel better to see a shot like this when I’m dreaming of building a dedicated commuter bike. I already have a basic mountain bike and a road bike, you see. I’m not the only nutty one.


Check out this post from David Hembrow’s blog, A view from the cycle path . . .

Yes, this bike is drop-dead gorgeous, but you have to read the article. The frame builder made it for his 83-year-old mother who bikes about 6,000km (about 3728 miles) a year. All year ’round.

Yes, this woman probably lives in the relentlessly flat Netherlands and has exquisitely planned bike paths to use every day, but dammit, I want someone building me a custom kick-ass bike when I’m 83.

Can I go ride? Now?

A Helping Hand In South Africa

Very cool video about a project to document how everyday South Africans use their bikes. Project coordinators Nic Grobler and Stan Engelbrecht hope to use their travels, writing and photography to being more bikes to South Africans, who will be able to enjoy more independence and better health through everyday cycling.

To see more projects like this that renew your hope in humankind, please visit It’s great web concept, where innovators pitch ideas for new projects and the rest of us pitch in cash to get them started. Definitely a great community-based way to offer funding without the whole rigmarole of securing a bank loan in today’s economy.

Staying In Once Piece

Here’s a great little piece from Bicycling magazine on how to avoid the most common bike/car accidents. Best advice? Stick to quiet roads.

As a biker and a driver, I was really grateful for this article, because I’ve had some close calls with bikes, and the last thing I want to do is hit a fellow biker.

Thanks, Bicycling mag!

Bike Commuting: Some Numbers

Huffington Post had some interesting stats in honor of Bike to Work Week, so I’m sharing.

 –The average American drives 29 miles per day. If you substitute one day’s worth of driving with riding per week, in a year you’ll burn enough calories to lose 19 pounds. You’ll also reduce auto emissions by 1,248 pounds of CO2, and save more than $800 on gas and maintenance. Whoa.

–80 percent of people who switch from driving to bike commuting improve the function and health of their heart, lungs and blood vessels in 8 weeks (emphasis mine), according to the advocacy group Transportation Alternatives.

I’ll see you pedaling around town!

Korea Gettin’ Hip To Bike Culture

Great article on how Korea is taking cues from the bike-happy Netherlands so it can be bike friendly, too.

Some interesting stats, which I need to spend time checking:

 –The Netherlands is the only European country with more bikes than people. Estimates are 1.1 bikes per person. Montana, my home state, boasts 3 cows per person.

–30% of the daily transportation in the Netherlands is by bicycle.

–The Netherlands attained high biking levels through a focused “Ride a Bike” campaign that started in the 90s.

–The biggest complaints from Korean bikers about the current bike commuting situation seem to be the lack of bike lanes (sound familiar?) and a lack of bike parking lots.

No. Way.

And I thought winter biking was a feat. Check out these Chinese bicycle acrobats.

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