Saddest News To A Cyclist: Broke My Biking Streak Today

Gotta admit that I just broke my biking streak today. We just hit the road on a trip, and I was not able to get out on my bike today, due to the thousand details that needed to be managed.

What Happen When You Broke Your Cycling Streak?

While it would have been great to say I biked every single day, it just wasn’t in the cards today, and forcing it to happen just would have interrupted the flow of things. I’m okay with that. I also know we have our bikes along on our trip, and my husband has committed to biking every day, which will be great.

While the streak has ended, I’m so grateful for the challenge. I’ve been out in every kind of weather this month, gained more muscle than I would have without the goal, and I’ve had a lot of fun. The kids are rapidly getting more confident on their bikes, which is a wonderful thing to see so early in the biking season.

I’m pretty philosophical about the whole thing. I’ve got almost two weeks of biking adventures ahead!

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