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When you don’t have time for riding outdoor in the sun, you can enjoy riding on rollers with real time videos on a simulator. You should definitely try riding on popular bicycle trails as this riding experience will let you to enjoy some history. 

The Underground Railroad trail memorializes how the African slaves who craved for freedom escaped slavery during Civil War traveling through a network of clandestine routes. The trail starts in Alabama and takes you up to Ontario. The railroad of the olden days is now a bicycling route as train service was stopped during 1970s.

Forget About Rollers For A While And Ride The Legendary Route

Even though rollers provide ultimate opportunity to improve on-road skills, the simulator software can’t always guarantee real road experience. You will travel through historic sites and interesting towns as you follow the Underground Railroad bicycle route. Mobile, Alabama which marks the beginning of the route was once a busy port transporting slaves in the pre-civil war era.

The route takes you along Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky rivers. While escaping to the north for freedom, the African slaves used waterways as their guide.

As you ride the trail, you can learn about the life of slaves and civil war era. The biggest advantage to taking cycling trip is that you can actually experience history by visiting significant places, which is not simply possible on rollers. The route features The Trace Road where commercial vehicles are not allowed and you should maintain a speed limit of 45mph. You will even find physical evidence of the past when you reach Borderland. At Cincinnati, you can visit various sites that are directly related to the struggle for freedom.

Champion Coach Welcomes The Change To Outdoor Riding

Rollers with their minimalist design requiring maximum endurance from a cyclist is often frowned upon with suspicion and fear. Many amateur cyclists stay away from these simple trainers because they assume that it is only for hardcore riders. If there is any value in what Edmund Burke, coach, author of Serious Cycling and former physiologist for US cycling team says, you should definitely enjoy rollers as they provide balance training and core stability.

Bike handling skills can be vastly improved using these nifty devices and you can often see professional cyclists warming up on roller trainers just before the race.

Rollers Offer Best Bike Workout While Improving Bike Skills

The common fear about cycling rollers is that it is hard to maintain your balance and stay on your bike while riding indoor. It may take a few sessions for you to get used to bicycle training on roller bike trainer, but once you get the hang of it, there is immense possibility to improve your performance. Coach John Capelin says that sorting out your pedal stroke will save lots of energy that can be put towards cycling. Instead of pulling up on pedals, train on the rollers by scooping through at the bottom and pushing over top.

Many pro cycling teams prefer roller trainers because they cause very minimal stress on the bike. You don’t have to bolt anything to your bike and there will be no unusual loads on rolling trainers. According to Capelin, the best way to enjoy workout on rollers is to combine your session with turbo trainers. Start your warm up session on roller trainer and get on to more intense workout sessions on turbo trainers.

You can end your workout session by cooling down on roller cycle as it offers the best recovery training. It is important to remember that indoor training is beneficial, but you should never overlook the benefits of training outdoor even during winter.

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