Rokjesdag 2021: Elegant Biker Girl’s Little Short Skirts Day (With Photo)

I’m so sheltered!

 photo by Amsterdamize
The things I don’t know about because I’m a girl. Honestly . . .

Rokjesdag In Amsterdam

I hopped over to Amsterdamize today to find that warm weather in Amsterdam has him eagerly anticipating Rokjesdag, a tradition upheld quietly but earnestly by civilized Dutchmen.

Meaning Of Rokjesdag

Last year, he commented, “‘Rokjesdag’ means ‘Skirts Day’. Or ‘Short Skirts Day’. Most literally, ‘Little Short Skirts Day’. This is a once proclaimed and poetically described day by a Dutch writer. It’s the day when women en masse get rid of their pantyhoses or tights and leave the house with bare legs.”

The Rokjesdag Phenomenon

I can tell I’m getting older because I’m more amused than offended by this phenomenon. Guys really get excited about this? The feminist in me can’t help but wonder if the women have a day celebrating the first day when men hit the streets in shorts. Short sleeves? Shirtless? Ok, maybe leave the shirts on.

We’ve had a few gorgeous days here lately too, but today, it’s actually snowing. Maybe I should take the time to find my bike-worthy skirts, just so I’m prepared to do my public service of flashing a little leg on a warmer day.

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