Quiet Turbo Trainer Bike Buying Guide (2022)

So you’ve decided in favor of buying a turbo trainer, but you’re concerned about annoying the neighbors, or simply want to train without the noise that some of these brilliant bits of kit can produce? It’s a concern for many would-be turbo trainer buyers, but how do you fine a quiet turbo trainer without having to take a gamble and choosing one at random? The answer is with our buying guide and tips of course!

There’s nothing better than getting out and about on your bike in the sunshine, but not all of us are lucky enough to live where this is possible all year round. Even for those that do, bike trainers are perfect for training and keeping fit from the comfort of your own home. However, many people want to avoid the noise that some models can make, whether it be due to personal preference or for the sake of family and neighbours.

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Best Indoor Quiet Turbo Bike Trainer

Ideal for Indoor Bike Riding and Training – Noise Reduction Wheel Allow you to riding and training in home and apartment without disturbing the neighbors nor your family. the maximum noise will not exceed 65 decibels(volume of normal talk).

How to choose a quiet turbo bike trainer?

First things first. There are some indoor bike trainers that are better at reducing noise than others, but you’ll never completely eliminate the noise that these machines will produce when you’re using them. Despite searching high a low, you won’t find a completely silent bike trainer.

When you think of the moving parts of bikes and the components of turbo trainers there are chains, gears, cogs, resistance units and tyres that all contribute to the level of noise. The type of tyre your bike is fitted with can help with noise reduction, but so can the specific turbo trainer that you buy.

Decide on the type of turbo trainer

If you’re comparing bike trainers by type of resistance, then you’ll probably find that there isn’t one specific type of turbo trainer that ticks all the boxes as being the quietest turbo trainer in all cases. Some brands and models are better in noise level terms, regardless of the resistance type.

Though you might have a personal preference in choosing the resistance type for your turbo trainer, it’s well worth considering other options once you realise how much more pleasurable a quieter turbo trainer can be. Super quiet turbos such as the Stac Zero and Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll are not only quiet, but also some of the better turbo models on the.

Choose an appropriate riding surface

Despite the hard work of manufacturers in trying to produce the quietest indoor bike trainer that they’re able to, whilst keeping all of the features and functions that riders want, something as simple as the surface you use to ride your turbo trainer on can also influence noise output.

One option is to position the bike trainer on carpet, which can help to absorb and dampen some of the noise and vibrations that’s created when in use. However, it’s not the most ideal surface, which is where turbo trainer mats come in.

Turbo trainer mats are designed specifically for these machines, so as you’d expect they’re pretty useful and are recommended if you’re looking to achieve the quietest bicycle trainer experience. They also have other benefits, which we go in to in further depth on our bike trainer mat buying guide, but include increased stability for the bike, turbo, and rider.

However, although they help, some users will still experience vibrations and noise resonating through the floorboards no matter which mat they buy.

Finding a silent turbo trainer is impossible, but finding one that’s quiet and still effective is achievable with a bit of research. The few turbos I’ve mentioned in this guide will point you in the right direction, but make sure you do your own comparisons and spend a bit of time researching in order to find the bike trainer within your budget, with the features you desire, that function at a level of noise that you’ll find enjoyable.

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