4 Popular Mountain Bike Brands To Know

Specialized Mountain Bikes

Are the top of the range mountain bikes. Investments in research and technology keeps specialized bikes at the fore front in terms of frames and using the best componentry. Usually priced at the top end of the market, riders who want the best bikes are hard pressed to find a better bike than one in the Specialized range.
Popular models of Specialized Bikes in NZ are the Specialized FSR and the Specialized Rockhopper.

GT Mountain Bikes

Founded in 1973 as a BMX brand the GT mountain bikes have been evolving ever since. With the distinctive “Triple Triangle” frame design they are hard to mistake. Strong light frames and a range of componentry the GT bike range is built to last, with usually in the higher price range of bikes.
Popular models of GT Bikes in NZ are the GT Aggressor and the GT Force.

Giant Mountain Bikes

The brand has been around a long time, and has produced well designed and built bikes with decent components on them all the while keeping the price reasonable. Giant bikes are stocked in most NZ bikes shops so the advantage is accessing being able to easily buy your favourite model.
Popular models of Giant Bikes in NZ are the Giant Boulder and the Giant Yukon.

Mongoose Mountain Bikes

The company builds entry to medium level bikes. The technology used is usually in line with the rest of the major manufacturers but not very advance for the model years. Mongoose MTB are excellent for the value minded buyer and the frames are built solid, a little heavier than the competitors and the componentry is usually of a lower spec. With this little draw backs good savings can be made on price and typically for recreational rides the Mongoose bikes are hard to beat for value for money.
Popular modles of Mongoose Bikes in NZ are Mongoose MGX and the Mongoose Pro.

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