Park Tool USA PK 57 Toolkit Review

There comes a time for in every biker’s life when he or she needs tools. Most people invest big money in their bikes but don’t do the maintenance they need to have their bike operate at its best. I built up my previous tool kit over the past five years with bits and pieces that I had picked up over time.

One thing I found was that I was always missing one or two tools to do the jobs that I needed to do. With this in mind I looked at the option of buying individual pieces and decided that the cost was too great. I finally decided that I needed a whole new toolkit (as you do) and the result after much hard selling of old bike bits on eBay and wife convincing was the Park Tools PK 57 Tool kit and a nice roller tool chest.

Park Tool USA PK 57 Toolkit

The contents of the PK57 toolkit is as follows:
· AV-1 Axle Vise
· AWS-1 4, 5, 6mm Hex Wrench Set
· AWS-3 2, 2.5, 3mm Y Hex Wrench Set
· BBT-2 Cartridge Bottom Bracket Tool (for 20 tooth internal splines, such as Shimano, FSA, etc.)
· BBT-5 Bottom Bracket/ Cassette Lockring Tool for Campagnolo
· BBT-8 Chainring Lockring/ Bottom Bracket Tool
· BT-2 Fourth Hand Brake Tool
· CBW-1 8 and 10mm Open End Wrench
· CBW-4 9 and 11mm Open End Wrench
· CC-2 Chain Checker Chain Wear Indicator
· CCP-2 Crank Puller (square spindle type)
· CCP-4 Crank Puller (ISIS Drive® and Shimano® Octalink type
· CCW-5 Crank Wrench
· CM-5 Cyclone Chain Cleaner
· CN-10 Cable Cutter
· CNW-2 Chainring Nut Wrench
· CT-3 Professional Screw Type Chain Tool
· CRS-1Crown Race Setting System
· DAG-1Derailleur Alignment Gauge
· FR-5 Cassette Lockring Tool for Shimano® and similar brands
· GP-2 Pre-Glued Patch Kit
· GSC-1 GearClean Brush
· HCW-4 36mm Box-End and Bottom Bracket Pin Spanner
· HCW-5 Double-Sided Bottom Bracket Lockring Tool
· HCW-15 32 and 36mm Laser Cut Headset Wrenches (two)
· HHP-2 Bearing Cup Press
· HR-8 8mm Hex Wrench
· HW-2 32mm and 36mm Professional Headset Locknut Wrench
· PH-1 P-Handled Hex Wrench Set w/ Holder (7 Piece Set)
· PPL-2 PolyLube 1000 Grease (tub)
· PW-4 Professional Pedal Wrench
· RT-1 Headset Cup Remover
· SA-3 Heavy Duty Shop Apron
· SBC-1 Spoke, Bearing, and Cotter Gauge
· SCW-SET13mm through 19mm Professional Shop Cone Wrench Set
· SG-6 Threadless Saw Guide
· SR-2 Professional Sprocket Remover
· SW-0 Professional Spoke Wrench
· SW-1 Professional Spoke Wrench
· SW-2 Professional Spoke Wrench
· TAP-7 3mm x 0.5 Tap For Rear Wheel Dropout Alignment Screws
· TAP-8 5mm x .8 Tap For Water Bottle, Toe Clip, Fender, and Rack Bosses
· TAP-9 6mm x 1.0mm Tap For Cantilever Brake Bosses
· TAP-10 10mm x 1.0mm Tap for Derailleur Hanger
· TB-2 Tire Boot
· TL-1 Tire Levers
· TL-10 Shop Tire Lever
· TNS-1 Threadless Nut Setter
· WAG-3 Wheel Alignment Gauge (Dishing Tool)

ToolKit Review

These tools have performed flawlessly for the past few months and have come in handy many times. One thing I feel is missing from this tool kit is a bottom bracket taping and facing tool. It is amazing how many times over the past few years a quick tap of the bottom bracket threads has been needed on my bikes. In addition the provision of spanners is poor. As most of you know some jobs on a bike require two spanners of the same size. You can also forget about screwdrivers as these are not part of the PK57 tool kit.

I resorted to buying a new king chrome socket set and screwdriver set to complement the toolkit. In addition for a complete kit you may need to get an additional set of hex keys as the handles on the park set are large and bulky which makes handling them nice but they don’t tend to fit too well in tight spaces. I added a set of Pedros hex keys which are shorter in the bend than the park tools for these jobs. Files and a hacksaw needed to be bought separately along with anything to do with wheel truing.

Other than this the kit is quite complete and for the money around 700USD represents very good value. If you have quite a few tools already and need an upgrade then consider the PK57 it certainly has most of the tools you will need for bike maintenance and it looks great in your garage as well!

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