Motorcyclists Legal FAQ: How To Make A Claim For Compensation After A Serious Traffic Accident in 2021?

Cyclists and motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable when sharing roads with cars and Heavy Goods Vehicles. Injuries caused by a road traffic collision can be severe, even at low speeds.

What to do if you have serious injuries from the accident such as burns, open wounds, loss of limbs, brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries?

Making Claims

These injuries can cause years of disruption to someone’s day-to-day lifestyle and ability to work, and will also have an impact on family life. You need to contact solicitors to understand the following and then make a claim for compensation.

  • A biker’s chances of a successful claim, together with an explanation of the claims process.
  • Anticipated levels of compensation.
  • Court of Protection advice.
  • Powers of Attorney.
  • Welfare Benefits & Local Authority assistance.
  • Family law issues.
  • Claims for the recovery of lost earnings, and any problems surrounding employment rights.
  • Paying for private rehabilitation.
  • Critical illness insurance claims.
  • No win no fee agreements and other funding sources.

You need to study how to support your medical care during your claim. Your solicitors can usually arrange treatment at no cost to you during the time.

Get Compensation

If you are a motorcyclist and have been involved in an accident, you might be entitled to claim compensation for your injuries and any damage to your motorcycle.

If you have been involved in an accident as a passenger on a motorcycle, you may also be able to claim. Whether the accident was caused by other motorists, problems with poorly maintained roads, obstructions, slippery surfaces caused by spillages, oil, or mud, the bike lawyers will support your right to claim compensation.

You should contact specialist motorcycle accident claims solicitors who are experts in acting for people who have suffered an injury as a result of a motorbike, scooter, or moped accident. These specialist solicitors can help bring a compensation claim against the people or organization responsible for the accident.

Replace Your Bike

The Bike Solicitor should go the extra mile and assist with bike repairs and replacements as part of your compensation claim. A panel of experts can be contacted to assess the damage to your bike and recommend if repairs are possible.

If repairing the bike is possible, the bike solicitor will ensure that high-quality repairs are made and the bike is restored to the same specifications as before. If the damage to your bike is not repairable, the bike solicitor will ensure that the cost of a replacement bike will be included in your claim is successful.

Cycling accidents have been known to occur as a result of an unknown manufacturing or design fault of a bike, equipment on the bike, or protective clothing. Unknown manufacturing or design fault can also contribute to your injury in an accident.

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