How To Forgive Yourself? Binge Eating, Watching TV And Exercising – Techniques for Self-Forgiveness 2021

Mythbusters and binge eating.

No, really. This relates.

I’ve been in a total snackaholic mode lately, trolling the pantry and shelves, looking to see if there’s some bag of chips, chocolate, or chocolate chips that somehow was overlooked on my last dozen or so scavenging missions. I think it’s in the air right now, given that Easter is just a few days away.

When I was able to interrupt the Must Snack soundtrack playing in my head, I thought of a Mythbusters episode I saw some time last year when I was in the midst of losing weight. I rarely watch TV, so when I do tune in, it makes an impression.

This episode was dedicated to testing those time-honored methods of sobering up after a night of binge drinking that we usually see in movies. (Hang with me here.) It was nothing short of hilarious to see them determine the effectiveness of drinking coffee, dunking their heads in cold water, getting slapped in the face, and running on a treadmill.

Guess what won? Exercise.

Not long after the show, I had hit another carb binge and was sitting in my beached whale state, feeling sorry for myself and spiraling into a waste-of-time abyss of self pity. I know, you’ve never been there. Sorry if you can’t relate.

I remembered the episode and had a flash of inspiration. If exercise negated the effects of alcohol better than anything else, what would it do for a sugar OD?

I started my journey to better fitness not because I wanted a certain dress size or I was going to a high school reunion. I just wanted to feel better. I didn’t want to be a person who sat around mentally berating herself for having a muffin top and immersed in victim thinking.

I got off up the couch and decided that I would go for a walk. Nothing hard core or strenuous, mind you, just a walk. Ten minutes stretched into twenty, and I was feeling much better. I decided to go in the house, do a load of laundry and tackle the pile of dishes that was sneering at me.

The lesson for me here was that even though I had made the negative choice of eating too much, it wasn’t permanent, and all it took was a few minutes walking outside, pedaling on the bike trainer or doing a few core exercises for me to get back to the place where I felt powerful about my life again.

Here’s my gift to you. You have permission to forgive yourself when you binge and give yourself a few minutes to get back to where you want to be with your body. Take a minute to believe the best about yourself.

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