How Does Cycling In Cold Winter Feel Like? Tips On Winter Biking From Other Bicycle Commuters

The wind is howlin’ and the snow is blowin’ here in Bozeman, so it’s a perfect time to catch up on winter biking posts.

Treehugger has done a great job talking up winter biking, posting on Boulder’s annual”Winter Bike to Work” day this week. They also posted tips on winter biking that made it onto Huffington Post’s site. Chicago also had their “Winter Bike to Work” day this week, celebrating the coldest day ever recorded in Chi-town’s history in 1985. I was living in the outer Chicago burbs back then.

I got the courage to bike in the winter after reading Dottie and Trish’s lovely blog, Let’s Go Ride a Bike. Now I check in there almost every day since they make winter biking seem possible and oh-so-beautiful.

Go, go winter bikers!

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