Cyclist’s Dilemma 2022 – How Many Bicycles Do I Need? Choosing The Right Bike (With Photo)

I’m conflicted about what kind of bikes I really need. On one hand, I’m set with what’s already in the garage. On the other, I would so love to have a beautiful commuter bike. But do I really need three bikes?

My first bike is the steady, durable cobalt blue Jamis Durango dating from my before children days when my husband and I would spin around the streets of the Midwestern town where we went to college. Nothing flashy or innovative here–it’s just your basic, non-suspension 21-speed mountain bike. Nothing wrong with it either, but doesn’t stir my imagination like the pretty, flirty cruiser bikes I see in stores and around town. Am I shallow for being concerned about bike candy when I’ve got Mr. Dependable?

My newest bike is a Felt road bike, with a women’s specific frame. I LOVE this bike. It fits my body well, it speeds along like a dream, and it didn’t kill my bank account. While most road bikes I saw were in the $1,000- $3000 range, this one was a cool $525, on sale. I’m sure there are far “better” bikes out there, but this is all I need right now when I have a need for speed.

The problem is that I want to bike with my boys a lot more this summer, and my Felt isn’t built to pull the 65-ish-pound load of Monkey Boy plus his Trail-a-Bike. The Jamis, with its beefier frame, handles the job just fine, but if I outfit it for commuting, I’m going to have to do a lot of rearranging if I want to take it mountain biking this summer. I don’t want to have to pull a bike rack, panniers and basket off every time I get the itch to head for the hills. When I start looking at a cruiser as a dedicated commuter bike, I realize that three gears just ain’t gonna cut it on the hills I have to tackle around here, and especially not if I’m towing the Monkey Boy rig.

But do I really need another bike?

This is the cruiser I lusted after last summer–the Electra Om. Gorgeous color, with amazing details and a very comfy ride, but three gears would kill my knees given the hills I have to tackle getting from my house to anywhere. Someday . . .

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