Cycling Safety Gear 2021: Giro Ionos Road Bike Helmet – Features And Review For Cyclists

The Giro Ionos Helmet

If you’re a bicycle enthusiast and are looking for a road bike helmet that offers sturdy protection and innovative engineering, then you’ll be very surprised how the Giro Ionos Road Bike Helmet fits this description.

Considered one of the most technologically advanced helmets today, the Giro Ionos bike helmet is the only helmet brand with the best ventilation thanks to its superior Ionos technology. The Ionos bike helmet is also the only road helmet brand that sports 2 large vents.

Still not convinced? Then here’s more:

Excellent Product Features

  • Carries 21 large vents
  • Available in three various sizes: S(20”-21.75” or 51-55 cm), M(21.75”-23.35” or 55-59 cm), L(23.35”-24.75” or 59-63 cm)
  • Features an in-mold construction & ROC LOC 4 Adjustment network
  • Super Fit Engineering
  • Composite Exoskeleton Subframe
  • 15% more ventilation accommodating than other bike helmet brands
  • Built with X-Static Helmet on its Padding
  • Superior Wind Tunnel Ventilation
  • Is very light that only weighs around 275g – 345g, depending on its size

It’s really surprising to see how such a helmet can sport all these features given its size limit. But when it comes to comfort and function efficiency, the Giro Ionos Helmet is definitely the best one to consider.

Intricate Channeling System

Aside from sporting 21 different large vents on its design, the Giro Ionos Helmet has also been engineered to accommodate ventilation. Its intricate channeling system makes it possible for bikers to stay cool and feel fresh even during the hottest weather condition as it follows a cooling system known as ‘Wind Tunnel Ventilation”. In addition, this marvelous engineering is also 15% more accomodating compared to other helmet brands.

Ionos Technology

The ionos technology is what sets the line of Giro Helmet products three steps ahead of its competitor. Thanks to this revolutionary technology, numerous benefits can be enjoyed and quality is better ensured. Everything that makes the Giro helmet highly prized is all because of its embedded technology. No other helmet brands offer the same dedication and innovation as what Giro Ionos is currently offering today.

The secret to its very impressive ionos technology is on its in-mold composite subframe, which allows the helmet to accommodate huge vents without jeopardizing protection. Its ionos technology also features a visible structure of carbon composition that can be seen running through the helmet’s liner.

Fitting and Padding

In choosing a helmet, the number one most important factor every biker should consider is the ability of the helmet to fit securely on the head. If the helmet is too loose, then its main function to protect is immediately compromised.

The Giro Ionos Road Helmet excels greatly on this part. Thanks to its X-Static padding feature, which also happens to be environmentally friendly, the helmet is securely locked on the head.

The Only Con

The only drawback of the Gino Ionos Helmet, unfortunately, is its expensive price tag. But that is about the only thing you won’t like about the Ionos helmet brand.

What Others Are Saying About The Giro Ionos Helmet

This helmet appears to be right up there with some of the best sellers. Almost all of the reviews I found were very good. On Amazon and consumer sites, there was an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. Here are some of the comments:

“I never wore a helmet before. I thought they would be too confining. Not this helmet. It’s so light you don’t even know it’s there. The vents are aligned perfectly. I actually think wearing it makes it cooler than not wearing one. I highly recommend it.”

“I agree with the others after today! Crashed at 25+mph today and my Giro cracked in 2 places but protected me beyond expectations. I am buying another one today and am so impressed that they have a customer for life…Thanks, Giro!”

“I crashed a couple of weeks ago and hit the asphalt head-on. The Giro helmet did crack on four points but indeed saved my life. I was taken to a hospital. I was doing some 25-30 M/H on a steep downhill that ended on a sharp right turn. The road was wet but there was also some oil or diesel that made me slip and thus crash on my right side and rebound 180° to the left. Conclusion: my Giro helmet is the most important item in my gear. I will buy exactly the same one.”

“These are the criteria for any avid cyclist or triathlete. A recent crash resulted in a crack to my previous Giro helmet—–but not my head!—–so sticking with a winning horse was obvious. Watch the Tour and see how many use the Giro helmets, including Astana. It is obviously a great product.”


Why settle for a second-rate brand when you can always settle for the best. Not only does the Ionos helmet look cool and feels good, but they scream good quality as well.

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