Cycling In Snow During 2021 Winter: Gears That Cyclists Should Put On To Keep Warm

Finally, after almost a month of not getting in a ride, I got on my bike and took a trip downtown. Not a leisurely little jaunt, but a slippin’ and slidin’, fishtailin’, snow-covered adventure.

Without a doubt, I loved it. True story.

Yes, that’s me preparing to leave. We woke up to snow, and at 9 a.m. the plows hadn’t even gotten close to plowing our street, which is about 2 miles off of Main Street. I almost didn’t make it up my driveway, so I walked a bit and then set off, not knowing how far I’d really get. The next mile was dicey, to say the least, but studded snow tires make all the difference. 

Winter Gears

It was snowing hard enough to obscure the mountains, but the soft, powdery flakes were nothing short of magical.

Once I got to Main Street, there was mostly slop instead of snow, so it was a great day to test the new fenders my husband installed last month. Result: amazing! The backpack carrying my laptop was completely unscathed. I’ll do another test run in a few days to really make sure they’re catching all of the splatter.

The trip home an hour later was no easier, since the plows were still busting to take care of other side roads. I actually had to walk part of the way up the last hill before my street.

Crazy? Hardly. It was really exhilarating and amazing to know that I was powering myself through this gorgeous snowfall. There were times I was worried that another car might lose it and slam into me, but the drivers overall were pretty respectful, and I was very cautious on the hills and curves.

Also had a few minutes to pop into my favorite LBS (local bike shop) to talk about the spring line that’s coming. Watch for cruiser beauty shots in the coming weeks. Loving this winter, but it will be fun to zip along on dry roads in the sunshine!


The gear? I was wearing my usual biking jacket and pants on top. These are soft shell pieces that do a great job of repelling water and snow and keeping in heat while being breathable. Underneath, I had on an Icebreaker merino wool base layer, a grey cashmere turtleneck sweater (thrifty eBay purchase), Ibex wool leggings (second-hand score!) and my Bogs. I was sweating when I got to my destination, so I’ll definitely need to pare down for the next trip.

Commuting stats: round trip was 5 miles and it took me 20 minutes each way.

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