Cycling Beginners: Learn Basic Mountain Bike Components in 2021

Mountain bikes have become the dream of millions of adventure-freaks around the World. Many brands from different countries boast of jaw-dropping mountain bike designs which are worth owning.

Apart from such enthusiasm for this adventurous sport, mountain bikes are more prone to damage and withering down of parts. At this point of time, everyone needs help and guidance.

Knowing some basic technicalities about every component always comes handy in Emergency situations.

Since frames are the most vulnerable parts, let us have a look at them first. Nowadays bike frames in multiple designs and colors. From sturdy stainless steel frames to lighter silicon-based polymer frames, they are all designed to suit specific terrains. If you like to explore harder and rough terrains, then you should have a silicon-based frame for more flexibility.

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A smoother terrain requires a harder version of the bike frame. Tyres are the most important component in an ATB. Terrains that have a lot of wild vegetation and moss need heavy grip tyres like Maxxis Cruisers while smoother terrains need thin tyres for more speed gains.

Disc brakes need to go hand in hand with the type of rim you are using. Spotted rims are designed to support TRP FX950 U-Brakes while rough snowy terrain tracks need the support of Avid Ball Bearing 7 Mechanical Disc brakes.

One should also take care of the terrain weathers which might need some extra components like full weight suspensions and covered mudguards. Higher seat supports are advisable if the terrains are not smooth.

You should always prefer steering handles that have four-finger imprints regardless of the terrain. They help in a great grip and prevent any palm pain problems.

Brake levers, brake pads and customized stems are some of the other parts you could add up in your mountain bike.

As a piece of advice, one should always know the technical know how of bike components.

Mountain Bike Saddles

How many of you use a mountain bike for the sake of driving pleasure and how many use it for tough adventures? Regardless to state, but there is a huge segment of enthusiasts who want to experience adventure with pleasure.

Bike saddles are the components that can make a huge difference in the comfort level of your adventurous trip. It is important to know and choose the right saddle for yourself.

For athletes who participate in triathlons, T1 Tri Saddles are the most comfortable. During high speed phases, the unique design of this saddle helps in comforting and relaxing the lower back thighs.

WTB Rocket V Saddles are yet another range of saddles designed especially for high speed races. Its unique Whale-tail design with a flex tuned shell gives extra cushion for comfort purpose.

If you are a true biking enthusiast who likes long epic rides on your ATB, then Pro SLX Saddles are the best for your adventurous trip. Perfect amount of padding and cut-out front portion provides extra comfort and removes unwanted muscle pressure.

Sometimes, one might experience pain the lower tail bone after a grueling bike trip. Serfas RX Micro Fiber saddles are just the right pick for you. The innovative twin-bar design not only helps to re-align the sit bone for adjusting the pressure but also provides heavy cushion at that point for more comfort.

Many of us like to venture out steep and rough terrains for which we need shock-absorbing springs. Matching to this design we also need the shock absorbing saddles in the form of Forte Easy Rider Saddles. These are designed with extra wide stance and provide full support for Spring suspensions. The extra Gel padding makes the experience more comfortable.

Based on the utility and experience, one must always study the Saddle designs for one’s own needs.

Mountain Bike Stem

It is quite a known fact that there are millions of mountain bike enthusiasts all around the world. A major percentage of them like to buy an absolute new version of this adventure bike but some like it to be custom made.

For any such purpose, it is really important to have an in depth knowledge about the cycle parts. Even a minor doubt could spoil the entire investment. Just like any other part, the stem of a Mountain bike is a very important part. One must know the shape and size of the stem depending n the type of usage and terrain.

If you like rough terrains then 3T ARX Pro bike stem is perfect for you. The 100mm and 84/96d black coloured stems are specially designed for rough terrains and help the rider to make a good grip. The unique design of holding the stem is very fitting.

Many a times you would love to venture out in the mountain to see the unexplored. For such situations a mountain bike must be equipped with a 3T ARX Team (31.8) 100mm 72d Black stem. Not only would you feel better while balancing on steep curves and tough inclines but also your fingers won’t hurt much while operating brakes and gears at regular intervals.

The shape is also very important. The same model of stem might come in different shapes. Until one needs to race on a straight track, your stem should be straight with a standard 5 degree bent in the middle.

Though a small part, yet a mountain bike stem has the potential to change the complete experience of biking.

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