Bike Helmet Safety 2022: Helmet Hair In Summer After Cycling

I know that some of you are reluctant to bike because of the helmet issue. What do you do after you’ve ridden and can’t hop into the shower straightaway?

Answer: You live.

Helmet Hair In Summer After Cycling

Usually, I bring a hat with me just in case my hair is completely plastered, but usually I can get by with running my fingers through it and carrying on. Obviously, it helps to have a low-maintenance hairstyle or have the option to pull your hair back. I love hats, so that’s what I do.

Obviously, the deal is different if you’ve just gone for speed and distance on a fitness ride, but then, I usually don’t wear a little black dress. What I’m learning is that slow biking in the summer is the way to go when I need to run errands. Good thing, because I’m usually biking at kid pace when I go.

In America, slow biking is a novel concept because the bike is seen as a performance workout tool, not an everyday means of transportation. It’s definitely worth changing that perception, because more studies are finding that just getting out and moving your body on a regular basis has can significantly improve your health. It doesn’t have to be a race or a marathon ride.

For more tips on summer biking issues, please go to LGRAB and I Dream of Bicycling. For pictures of far more fashionable folks doing everyday cycling, please visit Amsterdamize and Copenhagen Cycle Chic.

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