Bicycle Knowledge For Beginners: Iron Horse Mountain Bikes Guide (2022)

Mountain bikes have always fascinated thousands across the world. The credit of exposing this great adventurous sport of mountain biking to the world goes to the European countries. Iron Horse has been one of the most renowned brands in the USA. These bikes came into the immediate limelight when Dave Cullinan won the Downhill World Championship in 1992 on an Iron Horse.

The company solely focuses on the wholesale production of mountain bikes. They are known for producing some great riding parts and accessories apart from mountain bikes. The innovative designs and sturdy structures are known traits of this brand. The company holds expertise in the production of downhill, free rides, and special mountain bikes.

The flexible steel frame, powerful disc brakes, comfortable seat, and strong grip tires make it an impeccable competitor on the road. From powerful designs for sportspersons to stylish youth models, Iron Horse Mountain bikes have tried to cover every market segment which is the prime reason for their success.

The company enjoys a good chunk of loyal customers because of its new innovations. They launched an extraordinary do-link and four-bar frame designs. Since 1972, they have given the biking enthusiasts much to cherish about. From criteriums to circuit races, road races to rally tours, dual slaloms to team trail rides; Iron Horse has given a lot from its kitty to surprise the mountain bikers.

MK III, 6 Point, Bootleg, Doublecross, Yakuza, Warrior, Transit, and Maverick are some of the other successful designs by this company.

Overall, Iron Horse bikes are worth an investment for adventure and entertainment.

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