7 Best Padded Shorts – Ergonomically Designed Ideal For Skateboarding, Cycling, Skating, Longboarding & Long Rides

Soft shorts are one of the basic materials to wear for activities as intensive as skateboarding, football, skiing, cycling and much more. Each of these sports is healthy and exciting, but you run the risk of injuries due to excessive friction or a fall.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for the best soft skateboard pants that can increase your self-confidence and prevent injuries. Despite your level of skating knowledge, choosing the right clothing is the ideal way to enjoy your lessons. Here we advise you on the choice of a product that meets your specific needs.

Many of these are due to differences of opinion regarding the choice of equipment for a particular activity. We know that research can be difficult for most beginners and professionals, but look no further! We’re here to help you.

Since the best way to understand these pants is to know most of the exceptional options available on the market today, we have considered 7 best options to give you maximum comfort and protection.

Our 7 best shorts

The Best Overall: Soft Bodyprox Shorts

Soft Bodyprox shorts are a good choice to protect yourself while playing your favourite sports. This pair is a combination of spandex and nylon to make sure your skin is always dry and fresh. The Eva foam filling guarantees sufficient protection against scratches, knocks and falls.

The cushions are 14 mm thick and are strategically placed to effectively protect the hip, thigh and breech areas of the body. When we tried it, we noticed that the number of falls decreased by 90% and we became more creative and confident in performing delicate movements with skateboards.

Our only problem was that the firmware wasn’t perfect and the wires could wear out when washed in the machine. Although it does not have an adjustable strap, its flexible design makes it lighter and more comfortable to wear and provides a secure fit.

Compared to the other products on our list, this is a very popular product at Amazon, while the price is that of the middle class. This clearly shows that other users were quite satisfied with the overall performance of the Bodyprox quilted protective shorts.

  • For
  1. Wider Eva foam lining
  2. High quality, soft and breathable fabric
  3. Ergonomically designed to minimise discomfort
  4. Extra protection for the coccyx
  5. No constant stirring and adjustment
  • Other
  1. Wasn’t in the car.
  2. Slight sewing problems
  • Conviction

This model offers excellent value for money. It is not bulky, so it can be used as a base layer. The material design and padding are good enough to make it ideal for skiing, mountain biking, snowboarding and other favorite sports.

The Best For Beginners: 3D EVA Hip Shield

Shorts with 3D padding are a great choice to protect your buttocks and hips when exercising outdoors. It has a 2.5 cm thick foam to protect the lower body, lumbar vertebrae, thigh and crotch. Snowboarding is not a risk-free sport, so it’s good to find a product that’s thick enough to protect your hips and tailbone in case of an accident. The material not only offers protection, but is also soft and lightweight, ideal to wear inside or outside the pants.

In terms of strength, it can be deduced from the design that it will last longer. Most users are impressed by the wear resistance under stress and, unlike most models, the Eva coating does not lose its shape after washing.

You’ll love the mesh front flap, which makes it breathable and wicks away moisture to keep you dry.

This 3D flight version is available in different sizes for children and adults. This means you can buy it for your baby during gait training or to protect an elderly person from falling.

We noticed that it didn’t come with a cupholder for boys, but for us that wasn’t an obstacle because it was designed for both men and women.

  • For
  1. 2.5 cm Eva filling
  2. Lightweight and flexible materials
  3. Elastic fabric and adjustable waistband
  4. Unisex design
  5. Perfect for growing children
  6. Available in different sizes
  • Other
  1. No hard plastic protection.
  • Conviction

This is a great option for the beginners among us. It is easy to use and accessible for both children and adults. The price is reasonable and has many features that make it the best choice.

Heavy Execution: Triple Eight’s Bumsaver

As the name suggests, Bumsaver is one of Triple Eight’s latest innovations to protect your hips, thighs and coccyx during the toughest sports.

Unlike our top machine, which combines nylon and elastane, this top machine uses a lycra mesh fabric that is stronger but lighter and more malleable, which increases your flexibility and mobility. However, the clothing is breathable, dries quickly and does not stick to the skin, which you will appreciate when cycling or skating.

Bumsaver is equipped with 10mm Eva foam padding for excellent protection against buttock injuries, and you can remove any cushion from its position to adjust your comfort.

This brand prides itself on the ease with which it washes its shorts. We appreciated the way you could clean the cushions and shorts on the car and then dry them without deforming them. Some users have complained about the difficulty of replacing the stamps after they have been removed, but we have not seen any problems because the stamps can still be washed.

However, the ability to remove the filling is an advantage for weight loss and allows you to feel more comfortable without compromising your level of protection.

It is designed to extend from the waist to above the knee joint so that you can safely go all the way. However, there is no cap to protect the cross from a serious fall.

Since the most endangered area is the coccyx, this howitzer is padded for extra coccyx cover. It is available in four sizes for children, teenagers and adults.

  • For
  1. Stick shaped pads for the coccyx
  2. Washable by car.
  3. 10 mm thick Eva foam
  4. Ideal for extreme conditions
  5. Comfortable chairs
  6. An excellent report
  7. 180 day limited warranty
  • Conviction

Despite the fact that depending on the chosen style, this bumsaver is a real find for the most demanding conditions. If you can afford it, you won’t be disappointed.

The Best For Longbordinga: Village Bump Shorts

Manufactured to the highest performance and quality standards, these hillbilly impact shorts increase your safety and provide you with an exceptional sporting experience. Many users are satisfied with the fantastic ability to absorb the right amount of impact.

Fortunately, this hillbilly model features a lightweight Eva foam and a plastic breech profile to absorb the impact and prevent serious damage to the body. It comes with a drawstring strap so you can adjust it. However, few users complained that the rope seemed too heavy.

This product is very suitable for longboarding, mountain biking, skiing and skateboarding in the snowiest conditions. The company recommends a smaller size if you prefer a tighter fit, or a larger size if you want a loose fit. Based on our observations, the cushions were safer in a hard landing than in a soft landing.

It was also very much appreciated in this list, even though its price was slightly higher than our previous options. Overall, this performance met the owners’ expectations.

  • For
  1. Plastic tread of the coccyx
  2. Great versatility
  3. Evaporation foam
  4. Adjustable strap
  5. Breathable knitting
  6. A safe landing
  • Other
  1. The rope seemed bulky.
  2. fairly expensive
  • Conviction

This product contains the right combination of properties that we expect from top quality shorts. The padding is strong, breathable and flexible, making it useful for the most active sessions. Don’t be discouraged by the price, and it’s better to spend a little more to ensure your safety.

The Best Shorts With Soft Lining For Snowboarding: KUYOU 3D Shorts

If you want to keep the big picture without breaking the bank, KUYOU’s 3D short films are for you. It is made of a heat-resistant fabric that helps you stay warm while skiing or snowboarding.

They offer fantastic protection by wrapping Eva around her hips, thigh and coccyx. The shape is excellent and adapts to the curves of your body, which means you get both a good fit and a cute look.

This KUYOU model has a Velcro fastening and an elastic waistband so you can wear it comfortably and adjust it easily.

The costs are considerable given that the perfect soft trousers are very affordable, making them the ideal solution for people on a limited budget.

Our only complaint was that the skin around the waist was a little itchy, and if you didn’t wear other clothes underneath, the skin could become irritated, especially if it’s very sensitive.

  • For
  1. Excellent donkey protection
  2. Soft belt and Velcro closure
  3. A thick lining
  4. Affordable
  5. Light
  6. Respiration and flexibility
  • Conviction

This inexpensive but high-quality product is a reliable choice for anyone looking for equipment that is sufficiently padded to protect, cushion and prevent collision damage.

Triple Eight RD Tree Saver For Women With Pillow

Designed for women with a passion for sports, this pair of RD padded shorts allows you to move no matter how often or how hard you fall to the ground. It is made of Lycra for more freedom of movement and comfort while driving. The fabric is perfectly permeable to moisture and also inhibits the growth of bacteria.

This pair of RDs has a small inner pocket to store your gums and all the other items you need for your comfort. Compared to our three. (bumsaver), this version is slightly shorter in length, which increases flexibility and overall comfort.

For the woman, her buttocks are one of the most important assets and this model is equipped with a 10 mm thick Eva foam padding to absorb shocks for this area. That’s not all, you can remove the cushions to adjust your feel and let them dry quickly.

Since some of the previous users complained that it was not suitable for them and that it was too tight to the body, we suggest that you choose a larger scale to solve this problem.

  • For
  1. Excellent protection
  2. Ergonomic design for the female body
  3. Respiratory pads
  4. Light
  5. A tight fit
  6. Washable by car.
  • Conviction

It is an excellent way to protect girls and women from severe pain and trauma. The joints are breathable and easy to remove, so you can feel comfortable in all conditions. However, compared to our first selection it’s more expensive and we can’t say it’s all worth it, hence the sixth place on this list.

OHMOTOR padded trousers

The OHMOTOR padded trousers, available in three colours, protect your buttocks, crotch and hips against injuries. Thanks to these protective clothing you can skate, ski or snowboard without fear of an accident. There are many sizes for children and adults, but there is one size that offers a free fit. If you want it to be tighter, we recommend that you choose a smaller size.

In addition to the Eva foam, which protects the user from injury in the event of a collision, the material is stretchy enough to allow you to move comfortably and easily while snowboarding.

We noticed that the joints were quite stiff, but we didn’t have a problem with the seating comfort; you’ll probably forget you have them. They were also not visible when wearing underwear, which is certainly worth the investment given the price and the protection they offer.

It has many interesting features that surpass most products in its price range. The only drawback was the size; everything else was perfect for us.

  • For
  1. Affordable
  2. Adjustable and elastic waist
  3. Soft and breathable fabric
  4. Seals of Eurasia
  5. Can be washed by hand
  6. Durable and hard-wearing fabric
  • Conviction

Economical and durable, this is a good choice for those looking for reliable but pocket-sized shorts with a soft lining for skateboarding. Despite the fact that there have been several major problems, there is not much to complain about the quality of the design and its affordability.

Why would you use soft shorts for skiing?

The question is, is there a reason not to wear padded shorts? Of course not! As a skating enthusiast, you already know that the chances of falling off the board and being injured are high. These short pairs provide better protection for the thigh, groin, hip and breech areas of the body, while remaining intact at every brushstroke.

Of course the fall is not a problem, but these injuries can be painful. The bruising of the coccyx is much worse, because every small impact in this area causes much more pain.

What about ordinary short films? You can’t rely on standard shorts to protect you, because they only have one layer of fabric that covers you but doesn’t protect you from injury. The only option is to wear shorts, which come with high quality impact foam and anti-crushing blocks in case of a fall.

Although you may be a professional skater, the training surface can be difficult and you never know when an accident might happen. Whatever the weight of the fall, the foam padding reduces the effect and thus ensures the safety of your bones and muscles.

Snowboard pants with soft lining against cycling pants

The foam or chamois of cycling pants is thicker than that of soft snowboard pants. The reason is to minimize the pain for a few hours in the saddle. This thick seat cushion reduces wear and tear and soothes the buttocks, making it ideal for cyclists traveling long distances. In a few hours you will probably feel a lot of pain when cycling with skates because of the lower padding density.

Can you snowboard with bicycle pants? Maybe not. The cushions of the cycling shorts are thicker, warmer and more uncomfortable for snowboarding. Many experienced cyclists, however, prefer a thinner padding on the shorts, which can prevent chafing and still remain hidden from view.

Roller skates – Full purchasing guide

1. Dimensions and size

The dimensions vary from brand to brand, some are smaller or larger. Before paying, please consult the manufacturer’s compliance table. You need a pair that keeps the fabric tight so it doesn’t swing in the wind.

2. Equipment

Fashionable materials for Impact shorts include polyester, nylon and cotton. Most companies combine nylon and polyester with rubber thread to make elastane or lycra, making it durable, flexible, comfortable and itch-free. Make sure you always wear shorts with at least 15% elastane, because the quality of elasticity depends on the content.

3. Protection

These impact shorts are padded in strategic sections covering the coccyx, buttocks, thighs and hip ends. Check the pads to make sure they protect these parts of the body.

4. Dual point function

Double-stitch shorts last longer and tear less often under stress than single-stitch shorts.

5. Pad thickness and weight

Thicker pads offer better protection than thinner, but bulkier pads. You can find coatings in different thicknesses from ¼ to ½ inch, but choose according to your load-bearing capacity. The medium and strong short pair for snowboarding weighs about 0.5 pounds.

6. Moisture absorbing material

If you’re in a warm environment, you’ll always sweat and probably feel uncomfortable. So make sure you wear underwear with good ventilation and water-repellent properties to maintain comfort and reduce the build-up of bacteria.

7. Antibacterial treatment

Choose shorts with an antibacterial or silver ion coating to reduce the growth and spread of pathogens.

8. Stretch fabric and comfort

Make sure that the material is sufficiently stretchy to release certain movements of the skateboard. Since these shorts can be used as a base layer, they need to be breathable, soft and warm to provide the necessary comfort even in the toughest weather conditions.

9. Additional railing

Most modern soft skateboard shorts have extra plastic padding to protect the tailbone from sharp objects when it falls backwards.

10. Eva Filling foam

High-end snowboard pants use Eva foam because it provides maximum protection and comfort by dissipating impact forces.

11. Hard or soft seals ?

Ideally, the thick padding offers better protection thanks to Eva’s thick foam, but you will find it difficult to perform certain movements, such as squatting or bending down. Soft gaskets, on the other hand, have a thinner foam that offers less protection, but is at the same time more comfortable and flexible.

Short-term maintenance peaks with coating

Because skateboard pants are a unique piece of fabric, you need to know how to use them for a long time to keep them in good condition. Here are some tips you should consider.

  • Do not wash your soft shorts with normal clothing such as jeans or shirts. Spandex or Lycra are very sensitive and can wear out quickly if not washed separately.
  • Do not use fabric softener as it may block small air holes in the fabric, making the fabric less breathable and uncomfortable.
  • Although we always recommend hand washing in the washing machine, not all padded shorts can be machine washed. Check the manufacturer’s instructions before putting them in the washing machine.
  • If your shorts have a zipper, it is best to pull it up so that the zipper does not tear other fabrics in the washing machine.
  • Never put skateboard pants in the dryer, as the heat from the machine can deform the fabric. Instead, hang them outside to dry after washing before wearing them.
  • It may not be possible to wash your riding gear every time you come back from a ride, but you can prevent bacteria from accumulating by drying it on a rack for the next ride.

Last words

We have discovered that wearing the right outfit, especially soft shorts, helps you to protect yourself and feel confident while skating. With this protective garment you are safe when you practice outdoor sports and it protects you from dangerous injuries and pain.

When it comes to buying the best soft skateboard pants, you can’t take everything on the market. You need to take the time to think about important things like thickness, size, material, durability and extra protection for the tailbone. If necessary, consult our buyer’s manual and find out what specifications we have reviewed that are important to you.

If you haven’t made a decision yet, you can consult our list again. We think that there is something in all the recommendations for shorts or pillow pants that meets your needs. For greater versatility, it can’t go wrong with our best choice. It is reliable, affordable, resistant to bacteria, versatile and durable. If you have a budget, you can always choose the KUYOU or OHMOTOR version.

Once you’ve bought a perfectly short pair, you should maintain it according to the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure it stands the test of time.


1. Do you want your soft snowboard pants washed?

Answer Although we do not recommend the use of machine washable shorts, there are several machine washable versions available. However, to prolong their life, you must wash them by hand and dry the bedding. Avoid machine drying; this applies especially to lycra-based fabrics.

2. Do you want a gender-specific cut in your padded snowboard pants?

Answer Most soft shorts are for boys, but you can get a gender-specific pattern by using the correct keyword to adjust your search. Note that cushions with a line or compression in the middle are for boys, while cushions for women are more like a pillow.

3. How does soft shorts prevent injuries?

Answer Soft snowboard pants protect your quads, tailbone, buttocks and hips. They feature a quarter to half inch thick foam and hard shells to prevent direct impact and force drift in the event of a fall. Although accidents are inevitable when skateboarding, wearing these soft shorts will save you from pain and trauma.

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