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If someone wants to save the planet and have a healthy body, then the A2B Electric Bike is the answer.


Electric bikes are basically bikes with power assist. This brings out more power and more efficiency in terms of biking. Like a normal bike, the A2B Electric Bike has pedals and gears but unlike the normal bike, this baby has a battery-driven motor that can give the biker a power-boost when needed. Without a battery, the bike can go as fast as 20 miles per hour but when battery-assisted, it can go as fast as 40 miles per hour. The bike comes with a seven gear shift that gives a biker the range he needs for speed.

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✅ Best Electric Mountain Bike With Lithium Battery For Adult

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The bike is made just so the rider can get from point A to B. Hence, the name A2B. The bike is perfect for those little suburban commutes, or trips that should let one enjoy the scenes of nature. This electronic battery input in the bike is very helpful especially if one wants to bike in their work clothes and not get sweaty afterward. The battery is also useful when you find yourself too tired from biking too much, as in too many minutes of exercise.

The beauty of the electric bike lies in its battery. The 36-volt lithium-ion battery sits well on the bike’s suspension, along with the 500-watt electric motor situated on the bike’s back, discreetly hidden on the rear hub. The A2B Bike is very stylish looking and it looks fun, not boring. The ideal use for this bike is for school, work, or short trips to the store.

The throttle is like a motorcycle’s, which is located on the right handlebar of the bike. The seat is also very comfortable with its upright position and big size. The seating position is important because the posture of the rider should always bring the rider a good field of vision and, of course, the rider should always be visible to traffic. The Kenda Kraze tires are also very helpful in giving the rider a very smooth ride.

The A2B Electric Bike, as mentioned earlier, can go up to 40 miles per hour on battery and 20 miles per hour unassisted. This can vary too, with the rider’s weight. The lighter the rider, the faster the bike can get. The terrain is also a variable for speed but this bike is generally recommended for the urban environment, not rough terrain. A second battery can be added on the back for additional power.


The battery, when drained, can be recharged for 3.5 hours. This bike can be plugged into a standard wall socket for charging. The bike has accessories like baskets that can be attached to the handlebars, as well as rear panniers. The bike is also pretty heavy, that’s why it can’t go as fast.

What Others Are Saying About A2B Electric Bike

This A2B Bike is a top-rated bike according to consumer reports on the net with an average of 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon. Here are a few comments:
After having browsed some consumer sites and Amazon it became clear that these are very highly rated bikes. On Amazon, they had an average rating of 5 out of 5. Here are a few comments:

“I’ve had my A2B for over a year. I commute with it every day, riding it about 7-8 miles total and charging it at work. It’s been excellent overall — really study and reliable.”

“I love my A2B Ultras and so does everyone else that has ridden ours. Highly recommended and a total blast!”

“I have owned this bike for 18 months. Overall I’m quite pleased. When new, with fresh main and auxiliary batteries, it has a real-world range, without any pedaling, of 35+
miles. I’ve cycled both batteries about 300 times each and I’m still getting about 30 miles out of them.”

With escalating gas prices, the bike is a good alternative. The bike is also a good thing when it comes to conquering traffic jams. So if the rider is living in a tight city, the A2B Electric Bike is a good, if not the best, choice of transport.

Are Electric Bikes Street Legal?

Yes. Any bicycle-type vehicle that has an integrated power unit is not a “motor bicycle.” 

What Speeds are Legal for Electric Bikes?

A maximum speed of less than 20 miles per hour. 

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