Best Christmas Gifts For Bikers In 2021: DIY Bicycle Wheel Wreath! | Xmas Presents For Cyclists

For years, I’ve been wanting to make a Christmas wreath out of an old bike wheel, and I finally made it happen!

After looking at this site and this one for inspiration, I got to work. I thought I was going to take the tire off, but it really made the wreath look more full.

Best Christmas Gifts For Bikers

The greens came from the extras we cut off our too-tall Christmas tree, and I attached them using florist wire. The only tools I needed were a pair of wire cutters and a hand pruners to cut the branches.

I had visions of ornaments and other decorations on the wreath, but after I converted it to a peace sign, it seemed pretty much perfect just as it was. I’ll be beefing up the greens that made the peace symbol today, though. Not bad for couple of hours of effort and a glass of homemade eggnog!

The wreath makes me smile every time I roll into my driveway. I hope you and your family had a great Christmas and will have a happy and fulfilling New Year!

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