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Bee a Trailblazer with the Burley Bee Bike Trailer

The Burley Bee Trailer is a basic trailer from Burley which is a leading brand of child bicycle trailers. This trailer can
accommodate two children or a total of 100 pounds. The seat is of a hammock design and has a 5-point safety harness system giving priority to the children’s safety. The windows, although clear, also have UV filters to protect the children from harmful UV rays from the sun. It has also a storage space for other things a biker would want to bring along the trip. It also has a foldable frame for easier storage.

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✅ Best Burley Bee Lightweight Kid Bike Trailer

Great Trailer! – The trailer is sturdy and well-made. Assembly was easy and you love the bright yellow cover for visibility as well as the four reflectors and orange safety flag for added safety. Highly recommend the Burley trailer if you’re serious about riding, other trailers may cost less but Burley is worth every cent!

Safety first!

The first thing that parent bikers should look into when buying children’s bicycle trailers is the safety of the children. And this is where the Burley Bee Bike Trailer excels. Although costing less than other trailers from the same company, the safety features were not undermined. The trailer is pretty solid and sturdy. Collapsing will never be an issue as long as not put to extremes.

Eye candy!

Its design is also pleasing to the eyes, to children more importantly. It is very visible due to its vibrant color. This provides additional safety when being on the road. Although the flag somehow looks a little lame, it serves its purpose by letting the trailer easily noticeable by others on the road.


This Burley Bike Bike Trailer is also very easy to assemble. The package comes along with the assembly instructions which are diagrammed. There are also very few loose parts which make it very straightforward. As long the instructions are followed, the children will be riding on the road in no time. But be extra careful as the safety of the children is being involved – be sure that all is good before taking it on a ride.


Another good thing about this trailer is its folding frame. Storing a trailer could be bothersome especially when space at home is very limited. But once folded, this 20-pound trailer can be easily kept in somewhere a 35 by 30 by 12 inches block would fit. It can also be simply placed against a wall in a corner of the house and no one would notice.

Bee bigger!

One thing that could give parent bikers a headache would be when two children are placed together in the trailer. The children may not be as comfortable as when one child is only there. The intended space for two is pretty tight. It could get a little hot for them and could make them raise some bratty reactions. The Burley Bee Bike Trailer will fit one child in it quite comfortably but two might be a problem.

What Others Are Saying About The Burley Bee Bike Trailer

After researching the product extensively, I found dozens of satisfied customers for the Burley Bee Bike Trailer. The majority of these customers gave this product a 5-star rating, indicating the highest rating. Here are some of the comments I found:

“we love it. we purchased it for our granddaughter’s first birthday.”

“It’s a very smooth ride behind the bike, feels very sturdy, assembles very easily, and has great visibility. Highly recommended.”

“I am happy with my purchase and look forward to many more hours of enjoyable use.”

“I’ve had this trailer about a month now and generally like it. Easy to pull with 2 small kiddos riding. Smooth ride for them. Easy to set up and use.”

Don’t risk it. Bee wise!

To sum it up, getting a trailer that does not jeopardize the safety of the children but comes at a very reasonable price is now possible. This is thanks to the Burley Bee Trailer. It is the compromise between safety and being economical. It is the safest way to transport children especially for bikers on a tight budget. Getting something cheaper could lead to severe consequences.

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