Benefits Of Pining For Workouts 2021 | Working Out During The COVID-19 Outbreak

When the boys were little, I would spend the day pining for a nap. I mean pining. For just 15 minutes. Pleeeze.

If I did get my coveted nap, it never felt like enough, but at least I got it. If I didn’t get it, look out. There was sure to be a mild tantrum (mine) around suppertime.

I’m so very happy to say that now that I’m in better shape and not trying to escape from exhaustion and mild depression, I’m now pining for workouts instead. Some days, it’s not a problem, but on others, it seems as if the world is conspiring against me in my effort to just sweat a little. I think I’m getting a little better about not descending into tantrums. But perhaps my husband would disagree.

Moving on . . .

Benefits Of Pining For Workouts

Today, I was able to work on my skate skiing again in the same spot as yesterday, but this time it was in the afternoon, and I was packing sleds, looking like giant technicolor Cheerios, strapped to the roof of my car. While I went shuffle, shuffle, wobble, the kids were just a little distance away, flying down the hill and over jumps that made them squeal with laughter. After watching a couple of their runs, I was glad I made them wear their ski helmets.

Thirty minutes later, I had gotten in a good workout, they had a blast, and we all piled back in the car, smiling. Thanks to all the powers that be for making that work today.

Note: As I was leaving the parking lot today, I saw a person who had biked to the park with a homemade trailer they used to carry their skis. And there I was without my camera! Hope I can catch them and their rig later.

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