Benefits Of Bkool Stationary Bike Stand Trainer And Simulator

Avid cyclists know that finding the right stationary bike stand that has all the features is very difficult, especially if your budget is limited. Leading cycling trainers used by the pros in the industry often cost more than $1000 only for the equipment and if you want some realism, you have to shell out a few hundred bucks additionally for the videos.

The introduction of Bkool turbo trainer has revolutionized the cycling trainer industry because the trainer is much better than advanced trainers and it comes at half the price of popular trainers. Bkool pro trainer has quickly gained popularity due to the sheer benefits and affordable price. Now, many pro cyclists have become fans of Bkool trainer as they train indoor every day.

Benefits Of Bkool Stationary Bike Stand And Simulator

Bkool stationary bike stand makes use of advanced electronics to ensure great indoor training workouts. The combination of biomechanical engineering and powerful cycling software makes it one of the best trainers in the industry. Normally, rollers don’t provide as much resistance, but Bkool trainer is designed to provide progressive resistance to mimic on-road experience. The design of the trainer is aesthetically pleasing, making it a perfect addition to your sweet home.

The compact and lightweight trainer can be easily stored when it is not in use, making it a perfect choice for those who live on limited spaces. Bkool stationary bike stand is the smallest and quietest trainer in the industry with ramp power up to 1200w.

To enjoy your indoor workout, you have to mount your bike on the trainer using the given quick release and place front wheel on the front wheel support. After downloading simulator on your laptop or tablet, connect the trainer to your computer using ANT+ USB transmission stick. Your training equipment will then start communicating with simulator software to give you the ultimate 3D experience.

Bkool Bike Trainer Apps Make Realistic Indoor Training A Reality

Bkool bike trainer is the first and only indoor bike featuring 3D world for riders. To make realistic indoor training a reality, the Bkool equipment connects seamlessly with portable devices to present videos in 3D format. You need to download and install apps for your computer and mobile device if you want to truly enjoy realistic riding indoor.

The best part of Bkool trainer is that you don’t have to pay any additional amount to get these exciting new offers. After purchasing your equipment, you should download these apps and software from Bkool website to exploit the full potential of the 3D simulator software.

Bkool Bike Trainer Apps Guarantee Realistic Riding Experience

Download and install Bkool bike trainer indoor simulator for free. This simulator is compatible with different operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS and different devices such as android tablets and iPad. Keep track of outdoor training with Bkool’s outdoor app.

Download this app to your android smart phone or iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch before heading outdoor. Start tracking your time and performance in real time using the app. Then, store the data at the Bkool cloud for analysis. You can use the track GPS option to record the route you ride. The app has auto pause feature which stops recording when you don’t move.

Bkool video editor is another great tool using which you can upload videos directly from your camera. Edit the routes and synchronize with GPS track. You can correct possible errors in the GPS to create accurate videos. If your mobile device doesn’t support GPS create map routes on your own and label points of interest. You can then upload your videos to Bkool bike trainer website and analyze it or share it according to your preference.

Plan the Perfect Workout With Bkool Bike Trainer

If you ask any pro racer about the right way to train on a bike trainer, they’ll tell you to plan your workout properly. You’ll be riding your cycling trainer  a few times a week and if you don’t have a plan in mind, you’ll end up simply logging hours without improving your performance.

You can’t ride like a machine everyday because sometimes you want to ride for fun, and on other days you want to improve performance but your body requires days to recover. Bkool trainer allows you to customize your workout sessions so that you can work towards your goal.

Set Up Your Bike Trainer Profile Online And Train Whenever You Want

When you have a workout plan devised for you, you don’t have to think about what you are going to do on the trainer. Bkool trainer surpasses all its competitors with the online profile interface and 3D simulator program. Before starting to ride on your bike trainer, setup your online Bkool profile and plan your session. Sessions relate to workout plans on your trainer, which enables you to plan well in advance. Once you have marked routes, videos and sessions as your favorites, you can quickly access those for every training hour.

You can choose to ride a route, game type scenario or real time videos depending on your choice. You can also train as a solo trainer or choose multiplayer mode to ride with other Bkool enthusiasts. What makes Bkool trainer more interesting, is the ability to create leagues and teams.

You can participate in existing sports events and if you are adventurous enough, create your own sports event. You don’t have to simply dream about racing staying indoor because you can actually feel like racing with the virtual reality software provided by Bkool bike trainer.

Bicycle Trainer | Best Choice for Professional Cyclists

Professional cyclists competing in major races won’t settle for anything less than extraordinary when they choose bicycle trainer. Bkool pro trainer is the ultimate choice for cycling pros because this trainer is the best in the industry that can be purchased at half the price of similar trainers.

After testing several different cycling trainers in the market, long distance cycling expert Pierre Michael Micalette used Bkool pro trainer for his world record attempt. He successfully completed training non-stop for six days on indoor trainer which is a new world record. This massive success speaks volumes about the performance and efficiency of Bkool trainer.

Bkool Bicycle Trainer Is Now Available For All Cycling Enthusiasts

In the past, purchasing a bicycle trainer is an expensive ordeal that is reserved only for elite cyclists who race in major tours. Now that Bkool trainer is available worldwide, all cyclists can enjoy professional training at home using the most advanced trainer. Bkool classic and pro trainers come with advanced features that are normally found in high end trainers. However, unlike other trainers, they are not expensive. The classic trainer is available for $571 and pro trainer can be purchased for $721.

The interesting feature about Bkool bicycle trainer is the free simulator software that provides access to more than 500,000 routes with 3D virtual reality. Real time videos bring on-road experience to your home and this makes Bkool trainer very special.

The premium membership provides unlimited access to unlimited videos and when you purchase the trainer, you will get 1 year premium membership along with the trainer. Afterwards, it costs just $7 per month Netflix style to access videos and 3D routes. The best part of Bkool trainer is that you can try it for free and only pay if you decide to keep the equipment.

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